Friday, July 6, 2012

New Teas!!!!!

In the next two months or so we will be adding about 30 new teas to our website!  We are blending several new flavors as well as adding several high quality plain teas.  These two teas are the first of many to follow.

Zhen Qu

Our Zhen Qu originates from Yunnan, China and has downy black and gold curly leaves. This lightly malty tea has wonderful honey notes that linger and mingle with floral, chocolate, and pecan notes. Our recommended steep time produces a well-balanced tea and is less dry but we also recommend trying this tea at longer steep times for a more intense flavor. 

Dragon Feelers

Dragon Feelers is a handcrafted green tea that originates from China. The soft green leaves resemble the belly of a dragon. This full-bodied smooth tea is buttery and sweet with artichoke, pea and marine notes. Dragon Feelers is a delicate, yet refreshing tea.

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