Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Story of Tamarind Pop

We are now offering Tamarind Pop tea on our website.  This is quite an interesting tea and one that we did not come up with ourselves.  A couple months back I was reading through the thread on Steepster "What Odd/Unique Flavors Would You Like To See in a Tea Blend" and I had noticed that Alphakitty had mentioned that she was craving a Tamarind tea.  I thought that tea seemed interesting and doable so I sent her a message to see if she would be interested in doing a custom blend.  I was surprised to see that she was interested.  Custom blends are risky since we require an 8oz tea purchase for our custom blends and there is no guarantee how the flavor will turn out.  After going back and forth discussing what base tea she would like to use and trying to determine how she imagined the tea would taste we finally had come up with something.  This blend far exceeded my expectations.  In fact, this was the only custom blend that I have done that was so unique and tasty that we decided to make it available to all of our customers. 

Tamarind is flavor that I am quite familiar with.  Living in New Jersey there is an Indian restaurant on every block.  Well, not quite that much but you get the idea.  There is this super sweet tamarind chutney sauce that is great to use on very spicy Indian food because it helps cool the extreme spiciness of some dishes.  In Indian food, I primarily see the sweet tamarind chutney used with chaats (savory snacks).  It is also used in sambar, which is a delicious spicy vegetable soup.  We also have a lot of Mexican cuisine in our area and Tamarind Sodas are quite common and very tasty.  Tamarind flavor is a bit of sweet, sour, and fruity all at the same time.  It's hard to describe but the flavor is unmistakable.  The tamarind fruit grows in pods and comes from trees in tropical areas.        

The base of our Tamarind Pop is an organic black tea which originates from the Guranse Estate in Nepal. Tamarind Pop is sweet with notes of caramel, raw cacao, vanilla, and tamarind and finishes with a slight astringency. Add a little brown crystal sugar for a completely different tasting tea. With a little sugar this tea tastes just like a tamarind soda. The tamarind flavor is intense and melds with a rich caramel flavor.

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