Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Extravaganza 2014!!!

For all of Friday, November 28th through all of Monday, December 1st we will be offering 15% off of all teas and 10% off our already discounted teawares (teawares are already 15% off or more).  Please read all the rules carefully.  Additionally, we will be offering special bonuses each day and a raffle each day:
Black Friday
Bonus: Free Tisane!  Spend $55 (before discount & shipping) and get 1 ounce of any guayusa, herbal, honeybush, or rooibos of your choice (except Birthday Cake)!  Valued up to $5.75.

Raffle: For every $50 spent on teas or teawares (before discount & shipping) you will receive 1 raffle entry to win our Tea Tool Set valued at $39.99

Premium Tea Saturday
Bonus: Premium Teas!  Spend $75 on teas & teawares (before discount & shipping) and choose any 1 of the following:  ½ oz 1994 Aged Bai Hao, ½ oz Oriental Beauty, 1oz Organic Spring Twist, 1oz Thurbo Darjeeling, ½ oz Kenya Silver Needles, or ½ oz Organic Japanese Puerh.   Valued up to $7.75.

Raffle: For every $50 spent on teas & teawares (before discount & shipping) you will receive 1 raffle entry to win our special wood gift box filled with 3 premium teas: Taiwanese Bi Luo Chun (green tea), Hand Rolled Giddapahar (black tea), and Fu Shou Shan (oolong).  Valued at over $50.

Puerh Sunday
Bonus: Spend $70 (before discount & shipping) and get a free half ounce of your choice of either our 2009 Banchang Tree Puerh or 1989 Suncha Blend.  Valued up to $6.99. 

Raffle: For every $80 spent on teas or teawares(before discount & shipping) you will receive 1 raffle entry to win our a full 2009 Banchang Tree Puerh cake valued at $149!!!!!!!

Cyber Monday
Bonus:  Spend $40 and receive your choice of leafhopper magnet or tea sock filter.  Valued up to $1.75.

Raffle: For every $30 spent on teas or teawares (before discount & shipping) you will receive 1 raffle entry to win our Discontinued Teas!  Included in this prize are several of our teas that are no longer in stock, including: Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black, Organic Ceylon, Three Friends, Coffee Ice Cream, and Nutmeg Dusted Custard to name a few.  Comes with a holiday stuffed penguin & a medium sized double lidded stainless steel canister.  Canister not shown in picture.  Valued at over $100. 

The rules:

  • Free shipping offers do not apply, even if a $75 order is made.  International orders will be assessed with full shipping charges after the purchase and there will be no shipping discounts.  

  • Please hit the ‘refresh’ button on every page you order from to make sure the tea list is up to date.

  • Orders must make the minimum before the bonus item will be added.  If we run out of a tea a new tea will need to be added if it falls below the minimum so that the purchase will qualify. 

  • We will refund 15% of your tea purchases & 10% of your teaware purchases when your order ships. 

  • Please make sure you provide us with an email where we can reach you incase items run out, which may make you ineligible for our special offers.

  • Purchases that qualify for this sale must be made during November 28th-December 1st Eastern Standard Time and the daily specials apply for that day only (EST).

  • If you qualify for the bonus of the day, make sure to let us know what you would like added to your order if there are multiple options.  If you do not let us know which teas you would like and do not respond to our emails within 5 days, the special will be void and teas will be shipped as is.  Please check your email box for communications from us.

  • We cannot hold any teas or orders at this point. 

  • 1 bonus item per order.  You may make multiple orders in one day but shipping charges will not be combined. 

  • Please note that we will start shipping orders December 5th after we have declared contest winners for the raffles.  Please allow 10 business days from the 5th to allow orders to be shipped out of our office as we expect this to be a popular sale.  Our communications will also be somewhat slow. 

  • Bonuses are while supplies last.  If we run out, we will sub in something of equal or greater value.

  • Failure to follow rules may make your purchase ineligible for this offer.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Butiki After Hours: Hello Sweetie TeaTini

Spice up any party with a Hello Sweetie TeaTini.  The lively coconut and creamy banana flavors pair well with the toffee, caramel, chocolate, and praline notes making this tea the ultimate desert martini.  The recipe below presents a perfect balance of sweetness and alcohol so that the drink does not become sickeningly sweet; however, feel free to add more sugar if you prefer not to taste the alcohol.    

These martinis were a huge success at our last celebration.  A friend of ours, who owns Vox Vapes, was in town for a visit.  Be sure to check out his ebay store: Vox Vapes if you have any interest in quality vape devices.  


  * 3 teaspoons of our Hello Sweetie tea
  * 1 tablespoon brown crystal sugar
  * 2 oz top shelf vodka (we prefer Ketel One)
  * Dried Coconut for garnish (optional)

   Makes 1 TeaTini

Brew the tea.  Infuse the tea and brown crystal sugar into 4oz of boiling water and steep for 4 minutes.  Make sure the sugar is fully dissolved.  Stirring the tea frequently will help melt the sugar.  The tea leaves can be saved to make another cup of tea.

Mix the drink.  In a shaker, shake the vodka, ice, and brewed tea.  Pour the mixture into a martini glass.

Garnish. Top with some dried coconut as a garnish. 

Enjoy!  We hope you have as much fun testing out this recipe as we did!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Butiki Teas Birthday Bash (Friday, July 25th!)

Butiki Teas Birthday Bash July 25th!

One-Day Sale, 4 Contests, Exclusive Tea & 3 New Teas!!!!

Stacy Lim, the owner of Butiki Teas, is celebrating her birthday on July 25th. What better way to celebrate than by offering an exciting one-day sale.  For all of July 25th we will be offering $10 in free tea for $35 spent on tea, $15 in free tea for $45 spent on tea, and $25 in free tea for $65 spent on tea. Please read all the rules carefully.   Also, check out our contests below!

The rules:

  • Teawares and accessories will not be counted as a ‘tea purchase’ or as ‘free tea’.

  • Free shipping offers do not apply, even if a $75 order is made.

  • Free samples will not be offered during this sale.

  • There are no individual teas on sale. Please check your shopping cart to make sure it is up to date. We will not honor individual tea sale prices.

  • Samplers do not count as free tea or qualifying tea.  

  • No other special offers or coupons may be used during this sale.

  • Purchases that qualify for this sale must be made on Friday, July 25th Eastern Standard Time.

  • The ‘free tea’ must fall within the dollar limit. For example if you purchase $45 in teas, your free teas cannot exceed $15.00, not even by $.25. No exceptions.

  • Please let us know what free teas you would like with your order either in the ‘instructions to seller’ section during check out or in a separate email to stacylim@butikiteas.com.

  • We will not offer additional free teas to orders that exceed $65; however, multiple orders may be placed to gain more free tea.

  • Failure to follow rules may make your purchase ineligible for this offer.

  • Please note that the office is closed on July 25th through July 27th and no email confirmations will be sent until Monday. Please allow for up 6 business days for teas to be shipped out of our office.


Contest #1 (Make Me Smile): Win a $15 gift certificate!  I love smiling and laughing on my birthday (who doesn’t?)!  Post something cute or funny related to birthdays, teas, or fuzzy creatures on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/butikiteas) on July 25th.  The person that warms my heart/has me dying from laughter the most will win a $15 gift certificate (cannot be used on a July 25th order).  Winner will be announced on Monday, July 28th.

Contest 2 (Nominate A Tea): Win $20 off your next order (cannot be used on a July 25th order)!  This idea comes to us from TheTeaFairy who nominated our Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black tea as the “breadiest tea”.  Here is a picture that we made out of her nomination: http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i446/butikiteas/766d05bc-3630-4c68-9b9b-90b54bf8d400_zps31688fb2.jpg.  Nominate any of our teas as the number #1 tea for any category you feel like making up and tell us why.  Please include your first name and last initial as well as your location (City, state, or country is fine, doesn’t have to be specific).  For instance, say our “So Long, And Thanks For All The Licorice” tea has the “best Douglas Adams reference” for obvious reasons or maybe our “Almond Indulgence” could be nominated for “best tea ever” for delicious almondy goodness.  Feel free to be creative, serious, or fun.  Every tea you nominate counts as one entry, there is no limit on how many teas you can nominate.  Please send nominations with your name, location, and reason if not obvious to stacylim@butikiteas.com.  Another way to get extra entry points is to share info about our sale and link to our sale page.  http://www.butikiteas.com/Sale.html.  Simply share info about our sale on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, blog, etc.  You can share up to 5 times via different social media sites, gaining up to 5 extra points.  Simply send us the links to your ‘share’ and we will add points.  We will choose a winner on Monday with a random number generator and will announce the winner on our Facebook page.  We will be posting some of the entries to our Facebook page. 

Contest 3 (Tea In A Lizard Mug): Win a lizard mug with your choice of tea!   This applies to any 1 tea.  We will be offering a half ounce of any tea or one ounce if a half ounce option is not available.  All orders placed on July 25th will be entered for a chance to win.  We will choose a winner on Monday with a random number generator and will announce the winner on Monday on our Facebook page.

Contest 4 (??????? ) Might want to keep an eye on our official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/butikiteas) throughout the day for this one.  No purchase necessary. 

Exclusive Tea “Two Friends” will be available for one day only!!!! This Friday during our Birthday Bash we will have it available for purchase on the sale page. Two Friends uses our Premium Taiwanese Assam and has orange and chocolate flavoring.  Ingredients: Premium Taiwanese Assam, Organic Natural Flavoring (vegan).  Here are some reviews: http://steepster.com/teas/custom-butiki/37319-two-friends. This idea comes courtesy of Jenna!

New Teas

Butterscotch & Hazelnut Mocha Candy (White Tea, White Rhino base)

Caramel Apple (Oolong Tea, Gui Fei)

Plum Brandy Cheesecake (Oolong Tea, Purple Sunset Oolong)