Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SALES, New Teas, & Upcoming Teas.

SALE-Until August 10th
Mi Xian Black-19% off, now $9.50 an ounce
Flowery Pineapple Oolong-23% off, now $5.00 1/2 ounce
Cider Guayusa- 22% off, now $3.50 an ounce
Organic Assam-50% off, now $2.80 an ounce
Check out our sales here: Butiki Teas Sale Page
Also, be sure to check out our "Samplers" page for other great deals: http://www.butikiteas.com/Samplers.html

New Teas-Recently Added Teas
2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong-Our aged oolong is sourced from the Dong Ding tea growing region of Nantou County in Taiwan and was harvested in the spring of 2003. The varietal is Si Ji Chuan also known as Four Season. Our aged oolong was crafted by blend master Chen Pei Wen and is re-roasted every 2-3 years to minimize moisture content. 2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong is a rich full-bodied silky tea. The charcoal-colored leaves of this smooth oolong produce notes of honey suckle, bark, and grass and has a natural sweetness with no astringency present. This tea is also low in caffeine.

Gui Fei Oolong-Our Gui Fei Oolong was sourced from Lugu Township in Nantou County, Taiwan and is a particularly unique tea. Green leafhoppers are allowed to bite the tea leaves which causes the leaves to begin the healing process which creates the honey notes in this tea and also begins the oxidation process. This tea utilized traditional Dong Ding processing techniques. Gui Fei Oolong has a natural sweetness to it and produces no astringency. Notes of honey, lightly burned toast, raw almonds and apples can be detected.

Mi Xian Black-Our Mi Xian Black tea is sourced from Ali Shan region in Taiwan. This exquisite premium grade tea utilizes the Chin Xin varietal and is pesticide free. Mi Xian Black is a relatively new style of black tea and is very rare. Similar to our Gui Fei Oolong, leafhoppers are allowed to bite the leaves in order initiate the plant’s healing process which produces a honey-like aroma. Juicy peach and honey notes mingle and linger. Some lychee and mild citrus notes can also be detected. This smooth and mellow tea is sweet with a creamy mouth-feel.

Premium Taiwanese Assam-Our Premium Taiwanese Assam is sourced from Yuchih Township in Nantou County, Taiwan. Assam bushes were brought to Taiwan in the early twentieth century but have since been refined by the Taiwan Research and Extension Station. The long dark chocolate colored leaves produce a sweet fruity aroma. This malty tea has rich chocolate notes with notes of cinnamon, clove, and raisins.

Other Recent Additions
Tamarind Pop (Black Tea)
Golden Stars (Green Tea)
Nilgiri Frost Oolong
Zhen Qu (Black Tea)
Dragon Feelers (Green Tea)

Recent Arrivals & Recent Blends-Will be added to our website within a month or two.
Watermelon Xylophone
The Killer's Vanilla-Vanilla, Spearmint, Lavender
Premium Tie Guan Yin
Sparrows Tongue Oolong
Premium Keemun
Huang Shan Mao Feng
Drunk Bananas-Rum & Banana
Maple Pecan
Just Almonds
Coconut Cream Pie-Upgraded version
Premium Bi Lo Chun
Root Beer Float-At the suggestion of some Steepsterites. This one will be a while.
*We are also working on a premium sampler. This will have one premium tea from white, black, oolong, green, and puerh tea categories.

Customer Feedback
We value all customer feedback. Right now we are really interested to find out if any of our customers have any recommendations for a special one day sale or promotion. We currently are unable to do a blanket percentages off (ex. 15% off all teas) due to the limitations of PayPal but there are plenty of other interesting promotion and sale ideas. What is the most appealing?

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