Friday, October 28, 2011

Week In Review: Oh What A Green Week It Was

We had quite a busy week at Butiki Teas.  This week we added four new green teas to our website: Organic Blue Nettle, Organic Mao Jian, Organic Idulgashinna Green, and South Korean Green. Check them out here: HERE.  We also put two teas on sale, our Pumpkin Creme Brulee & Organic Blue Nettle.  Check out that sale HERE.  Finally, we started this blog! 

What may you ask will we be up to next week?  Glad you asked, we will be adding two new teas to our website!  We have a wonderful purple bud puerh just dying to be put on sale and also we have a wonderful Pistachio Ice Cream green tea with a Mao Jian base that will be added!  Next week we also plan to take a retrospective journey to the Royal Ontario Museum and take a peek at the teawares they have exhibited.  We also have two other topics that will make their way to this blog in the semi-near future.  We will be discussing the wonderful world of guayusa and reviewing a few tea documentaries.

Now for some gratuitous pictures of our recently added green teas!!!

Organic Idulgashinna Green

Organic Blue Nettle

South Korean Green

Organic Mao Jian


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