Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Butiki Teas Picture Contest! Discounts & Chance to Win Free Tea!

Butiki Teas Contest-Discount & Chance at winning $60 in free tea with free shipping

We are in the process of thinking about how to restructure our website.  While contemplating our website, we thought about how we would like to convey that we appreciate our customers as real people and are dedicated to our customers.  We decided that we would like to add a community page.  We are looking for some creative photos to post that include our tea or teaware.  We would like to have a variety of photos.  The photos must include either our tea or one of our teaware pieces.  You can submit as many photos as you like.  If your photo makes it to our website then you will receive a discount of $5.00 off your next order of $10.00 or more (not to be combined with other special offers).  On the 22nd of March we will raffle off 1 prize worth $60 in free tea of your choice with free shipping (worldwide) to on lucky winner that’s picture made it up to our website.  Also, if you post the photo to your Facebook and tag us in the picture, you get 1 additional entry. 

We would like a variety of photos, some ideas include: tea & people (we definitely want some people photos), tea with pets, funny tea pics, artistic tea shots, tea in front of famous locations, abstract tea shots, tea mosaic, etc.  We love variety.   Creative, fun, serious, funny, artistic, cute, beautiful, we love it all.  You must have the rights to any photos you send us.  We reserve the right to post anything you send us for this contest and use it in marketing material. 

With the pictures, please include:

  1.  Name-How you would want to have it posted on a website.  This could be just your first name, your initials, your first name and last initial or your full name. 
  2. Location-As general or specific as you want to be but we will not post full addresses.
  3. The name of our tea or teaware in the photo-Especially if it is abstract or in liquid form.  These pictures still must be of our tea.  
  4.  Your favorite tea of ours & why- This could be a very brief few words or a couple sentences.
  5. Anything else you would like to add about yourself our teas, service, etc. (optional)

Please email photos to and use the subject line “photo contest”. 

We will look at these in batches and make take a few days before getting back to you. 

Here are some examples of pictures that we have come across that we love:

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