Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Behind The Name: Watermelon Xylophone Edition

Before Watermelon Xylophone (white tea) was even ready to be put on our website, we had been getting a lot of questions about the name of the tea.  So the dilemma remained do I tell customers about the origin of the name or let it remain a mystery to add to the mystique of this tea.  I’ve decided to discuss the origin of the name because it is still a kind of mystery to me anyways.   

After creating the initial blend, I was having great difficulty coming up with a name.  The tea tasted just like watermelon to me.  Watermelon Tea is really not that enticing of a name.  On a 2 hour car ride with my husband, Joel, to pretty much the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania we spent about an hour doing a brainstorming session, throwing out what seemed like hundreds on names.  We went through names such as: Soothing Watermelon, Sensual Watermelon, Juicy Watermelon, Watermelon Candy, Enticing Watermelon, Summer Watermelon etc etc etc but nothing hit us as amazing.  Then out of nowhere I just blurted out Watermelon Xylophone.  My logic at that time was that something that has nothing to do with watermelon sounded better than the names we were coming up with.  But then we both actually started to like how that sounded.  Kind of catchy I thought and hey maybe it’s not so unrelated.   

Watermelon Xylophone is music for your mouth and its light and fun just like xylophone music.  So, you might be asking why was xylophone randomly in your brain?  Who thinks about xylophones enough to blurt it out randomly?  Well, I suppose I have been in a xylophone mood recently but why I got into a xylophone mood in the first place is beyond me.  Anyways, I had really been inspired by xylophone music at the time.  Above is one of my favorite xylophone related videos on youtube.  It kind of represents Watermelon Xylophone.  I mean who could not be in a good mood listening to Super Mario Brothers 2 theme song done in ragtime?  Watch that one all the way through, the end is awesome. 

I wish we had a better reason to call this charming tea Watermelon Xylophone, but unfortunately the truth isn't always so poetic.  A fellow Steepster poster, TheTeaFairy, had guessed "...the needles do remind me of the long keys of a xylophone.  And just like a xylophone, the taste escalates and explodes in a beautiful ascent!".  What a beautiful interpretation.  I love it!

For more information on our brand new tea, Watermelon Xylophone, check it out here:  Watermelon Xylophone